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Need Help with Your Career in IT?

When you are a young graduate or a seasoned expert in one of the hottest domains like IT, then it is probably not a problem for you to find a job. But,  how do you make sure to find a job that will be the right one for you?



Know Your Options

What opportunities are there on the market at the moment? Are other jobs better suited for my personality and skills? What industries and will offer me the conditions I am looking for?


Make a Stellar Impression

Am I presenting myself in a way that does justice to my skills and character? How can I make sure the recruiters know I am right for the position? Learn how to interview to win the job you really want. 


100% Free of Charge

There is no need to spend money in order to get quality service. If you want professional advice that is entirely free of charge, you've come to the right place!

Are you asking yourself,

How can it be free?

Helping you helps our business! MyNextCompany is powered by ClearSource, a recruitment company known for its expertise in the IT sector. We have a team of experienced coaches who will be happy to help you with:

Personal branding

Position yourself on the market so the right employers can easily find your profile.

Interview skills

Crank up your presentation skills, so that you can woo the interviewers and win the job you really want.

Cultural fit

Choose the workplace that fits your personality and stay happy in your job for longer.

Benefits package

Once you found your perfect workplace, our coaches will help you negotiate the right salary package.


Happy candidate said:

Thank you for bringing me and my new employer together. From the first interview I felt that I was with like-minded people with vision and ambition. The mentality and the company culture are an absolute match as well. Congratulations on a job well done and once again – thank you, without you I would have missed this great opportunity. - Tom Malta IT Support Specialist



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  • Negotiate a good benefits package.

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